Buzzmonitor, now integrated with the groundbreaking AI capabilities of ChatGPT

Experience the exciting new AI features that Buzzmonitor offers in the Customer Care and Publisher modules.


What are the changes in Buzzmonitor with the use of Artificial Intelligence?

Reply to your customers faster and with a personal touch, thanks to the integration of many AIs in Buzzmonitor.

With ChatGPT in the Customer Care module, responses sent to users become more accurate and engaging with just two clicks.

Speed up your Customer Care by up to 3 times with Buzzmonitor's Smart Replies.

Prioritize Custumer Care based on tags and analyze large volumes of data and interaction patterns with Buzzmonitor's Triggers.

1. Improve your customer experience with AI.

Enhance the content of your scheduled posts with ChatGPT integration in Buzzmonitor. AI can suggest titles, introductions, and Call to Action (CTA) to boost the effectiveness of your posts, increasing engagement and building a strong relationship with your followers.

2. Generate content quickly with AI.

More than a data analyst, we have an intelligent system that enables understand and generate high-quality content. Ensure automatic qualitative analysis of information through natural language understanding.

Get insights faster through qualitative data analysis in Reports and Dashboards.

Simplify discussed topics, correlation between data, report cross-referencing and deepening insights.

3. Get automatic insights powered by AI.

Explore the benefits of AI!

Automate your daily routine

Through intelligent process automation, you can identify which customers should be prioritized, prevent image crises, and classify message content. Buzzmonitor features many AIs to automate these tasks.

Increase customer satisfaction

AI can optimize operations while aiding in the decision-making process.

AI-based decision-making can personalize customer experiences and enhance customer satisfaction.

Generate higher engagement in your content

AI can assist in enhancing valuable and engaging content for audiences by providing text suggestions to increase effectiveness, generating higher engagement.

Craft strategies with automated insights

AI enables quick generation of automated insights from a dataset, empowering decision-making, brand innovation, new product creation, and deepening consumer understanding.

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